Anyways this first week is real slow. its rough and the languge is not too shabby. My teacher is pretty cool as well. My companions name is Elder Adams! He drives a 1978 F-100. He used to work at a tire shop, but couldn’t get hook ups anyway… He lives in Kingman, AZ and his dad is a bishop. We also have a trio companionship in our district :Elder Boxberger, Elder Frahner, Elder Bowler. Elder Box. is a strange kid who reminds me of a of sheldon from the tv series Big Bang Theory. Throws out random facts. Elder Bolwer is a short muscle guy who likes country music as well. He gets all the ladies back home! Elder Frahner is a soccer kid who knows everyone somehow, through something in the past. The food is pretty good. I just use Ice cream to drain everything down! The orange 50-50 bar to be exact. I’ve been working out everyday, so you could say im pretty yoked. I’ve put on 5 pounds. I just hit 155.4 today! I’m in such a sweet branch! No one has an ego or is too cool for someone else. That’s whats cool about this place, you all wear the same clothes, you all strive for the same things, so everyone is there to help you out. I know it’s only been 5 days and I have 725 more to go, but so far so good. I’m so glad that I had Spanish in HS, it’s helped so much! I can almost pray and share my testimony all in Spanish! Getting candy and pass alongs from other people in my branch is pretty cool too! I think we are all really close, and we all have that special bond that you can’t really get anywhere else! I’m missing my truck and my boom boom mcwoofers, but it’s time to start a new chapter in my life and I’m looking forward to it. I know that when you’re reading this, Dad, you will point out all my mistakes but hey I didnt put any hahahahahahaXD in there Jack! Missing you guys and my friends back home, and yes for the most part I am being obedient! Falling asleep in a 3 hour long class I would consider acceptable! Honestly though, 15 min naps and 2 a day is great! it really wakes you up! 15 more minutes, I’m dreaming about beavers. I think the mtc is pretty cool and i can’t wait to be in Peru! I love all the trucks that pass by and I have only missed naming one so far! The no motorcycle helmet rule is pretty cool! Utah, who would have known????  Love you guys! Keep up the letters and I will send home some pictures soon! I must say I’m becoming quite the photographer! Give you a run for your money, Dad!
Love you Mom, Dad, and Braden
McElder (pshhh over and out)!Image