P1000358This week has been great! It snowed twice this week! The MTC is almost 50-50 in elders and sisters. Oh wait… can’t talk about sisters! Thanks for all the stuff! The package was great! All 3 of them in fact! I got one from grandma with some new shoes and shirts! The Push Up Pro you sent has really been helping, and then I got one from the Wards! So this week, I decided I would try the OJ challenge… lets just say that night I think was spent more in the bathroom! I tied for 2nd by downing 8 full glasses and the winner was a 250lb white guy who downed 12! It’s been a long strenuous week! My testimony has really grown! A normal day: wake up at 6:30, (well try to), breakfast 7:30, class 3 hours, lunch, personal study, work out, dinner, class 3 more hours, and then personal study. Finally, bed at 10:30!!!!

There are so many cool people here! We got a new district this week! They are all really cool as well, but all from Utah. My companion, Elder Adams is going to Arequipa as well. My friends are leaving me, the ones that got here 6 weeks ago are now gone! One of the new missionaries is really cool, his name is Elder Dommer! He’s a pretty big, but funny guy, and he is teaching me slang that his teacher taught him! I need to learn it if I want to understand different barrios when I come home! One more girl got her visa! She left this morning! I was supposed to help her take her luggage to the travel office at 5:45, but accidentally slept in! She was ok though, she managed without me!

I’m having the strangest dreams here! I’ve been dreaming about genuine pigs and how I bought one. I came back to my house, left it on the counter in its cage, for a meeting I had to attend, and when I came back there was like 20 pigs! So, I dumped all the rest outside. Then I had a chat with the pig about the law of chastity! He understood and told me, “When the ladies call I ain’t going to say no!” He finally understood!

This is my second time at the computer today! I wanted to reply to your letters! Staying awake is a little hard, but I’m getting the hang of it-if I can fit in a 20 minute nap for lunch! They haven’t taught me too much about Peru. They say that I will learn more, and the most about it when I’m there! My camera is holding up great! I will start to mess with the settings! Thanks for the pictures, they are all my favorites! I have them up in my room, and Nathan’s picture is in my scriptures! Tell Maddy Vedder (6year old neighbor) thanks for the picture! It’s great and is now on my wall! MOM: I HAVE A SECURITY BAG FOR MY PASSPORT, I’M OK!!! Today I accidentally put a scoop of bleach and tide in with my dark clothes but caught it before I started, it so I think they are all ok! Thanks for the wave stuff mom! I remember the talk! It was good.
I got my immunization record! have an appointment this week! No word on my visa yet! Thanks for all you guys send to me! I really enjoy getting letters! Missing home and wishing I could see all you guys, but this is where I’m supposed to be at this point in time. Wish I could be surfing with you dad, but I’m on another wave now! The wave of the gospel! The Mormons are coming!