Hey guys, this week was pretty good! Waking up every morning is getting harder and harder. We lost one member of CINCOK (Cinco (5) Original Krew) it was Elder Boxberger, we called him Foxy Boxy! He got his visa at 4 in the afternoon and left the next morning at 6 am. How cool right?! He always sleeps with these shades on his face that we all call an eye bra! So on the day he got his visa, we all went to the store and bought some to have him sign! Later that night we all popped bubbly-Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider! I will include pictures later in this email! My comp had a cyst on his back and we had high hopes that we could see the outside world again, but they removed it in the MTC. How lame! I love getting packages from everyone! All the pictures and gifts are so great! I’ve got some from the Psarras family, Maddie Vedder, the Jorgensens, and the Harringtons.

We all get off topic in class when it’s personal or additional study time. This week we really talked about where agency comes from. Yeah, it’s given to us by God, but how does it work? Think deep about it. What makes you decide certain choices? Is it a mix between God and Satan working in opposite directions? If so, then why or how could Satan persuade 1/3 of those in heaven to follow him? Or were we given something that confuses us, or is it something we’re born with as intelligences? If that’s the case, then who gave that to us? There is so much to learn, in so little time! Do you ever feel like the more you know, the more you really don’t know? Sure you can know why something works, but how is a completely different topic. Let’s say there is a lot to think about in the MTC.

One of the members of CINCOK, Elder Frenher, had his birthday this week. So, we all bought him a shirt, signed it with silver sharpies, bought him highlighters to mark his books, and all “misplaced” a piece of fruit in our pocket as we exited the cafeteria that morning to make him a fruit basket! Got to work with what you got! I’m working with this investigator and I just can’t seem to connect! But It just gives me something more to work on while I’m here in the MTC. Our new slogan in class is “no hay nadie que tenga tiempo para eso” – Ain’t nobody got time for that!

As all of the older elders are leaving, it feels like the friendships I’ve made here will never go away! I think I hear a MTC reunion in like 3 years! Elder Anderson and I are going to plan a surf trip, from Chile to Peru because that is where he is going; when we both get back. He lives in Cali and surfs Oceanside often! I think we will be friends for a longtime! The other elder that is leaving, Elder Fa’asa, is a big Samoan guy! His calves are bigger than a horse’s thighs. He plays football for Oklahoma…he is defensive something-essentially, a big freight train. Both of their testimonies are so deep! I can’t wait to see them again!

This week Elder Adams and I were planning on getting made zone leaders, but the presidency threw a curve ball, so I am now the District Leader and he is the senior companion. The fire alarm went off this morning and woke us all up! It was insane how loud it is! We took this as a sign not to hit the snooze button after 6:30! I also got my hair cut today, so I’m looking fresh! Gospel and language are all coming together! If you open up your heart, you can feel the spirit anywhere. We are the ones that remove ourselves from the Spirit! The Spirit is always there, but we aren’t always worthy of it.