Well this week was interesting to say the least… To start off, every day after breakfast, I grind down a pole about 15 ft long. It gets waxed everyday, and this time it didn’t go as planned! When I hopped on, it was super waxed. I tried to re-adjust, but I over corrected, and as I got to the end, I thought I was going to make it. But the Lord had another plan in store. I nicked the last stair and didn’t quite catch my balance before the doors in front of me. Trying to catch my balance, I had to run a little faster but rather I went head first into the locked door. That wasn’t even the most embarrassing part…. Coming out the opposite doors, were some sisters going to breakfast! I tried to make it look cool and planned, but they saw the whole thing! Needless to say I’m A-ok Jack!

Spanish is starting to come here and there. The conjugations are rough, but having the spirit when talking to people is definitely the key. I’m learning that the silence in a lesson is never a bad thing, but rather something I look forward to. That’s because I’m still trying to convert from English to Spanish, and the fact that it’s when the Spirit works with them the most. I’m learning to love the investigators more and more. I can understand Spanish when someone is speaking (even the lunch ladies), but speaking it is a different story! Slowly but surely…

Back to the fun stuff! Essentially, I saved my entire building wing from catching on fire! I was chilling in my room and talking with some other elders who had put some pizza rolls in the microwave down the hall. After a few minutes, I noticed that smoke was coming out of the room down there! The pizza rolls had caught on fire! I couldn’t see a thing as I ran down the hall! I got low to get under the smoke, and find out where it was coming from! I finally found it and yanked out the cord, opened the outside door, and put the fire out with a rag! It was literally one foot away from the wood linen closet where we keep our sheets to change out. As soon as I got the microwave under control, the fire alarm went off! About one minute later, came the first person telling everyone to evacuate the building! Within 15 minutes came two fire trucks. Then a super cool fan truck came 10 min after them! Everyone got out safe but our floor and a little of our stuff got smoky! Luckily, I threw some stuff under the door to our room as we left! The fan on the fire truck actually ran off of a Subaru 4 cylinder engine!

I finally got to see the outside world as I went on splits with another companion. He had to go to the doctor to get the stitches removed from his neck from a cyst. Outside was so cool! Babylon does exist! Since the other two elders in my room moved down the hall, I literally have a huge fort in my room for my and me companion! Overall this place is pretty cool even though the food is getting harder to get down! I go to the temple every week! The hardest thing here is waking up, and the best thing is all the new friendships!

I just got re-assigned today and guess where I’m going while I wait for my visa? Portland, Oregon! At least for now! Lets see how it goes! I’m so stoked! I seriously found out online but I have no idea when. My companion is freaking out! Ha ha, this is pretty cool! I will forsure keep y’all updated! It’s going to be so dope! Portland here I come!