Well today is officially my first day in the field! My new companion’s name is Elder Gomez! He’s a pretty cool guy who is laid back. He reminds me of Grandpa Bob! Just without all the wisdom! Portland is pretty and green! It reminds me a lot of Chico, California!

My day began in Provo waking up to my alarm clock that I duct taped to the wall for convenience! Because I was leaving in the morning, I set my alarm for 3:50! Way too early especially after I stayed up “packing” ‘til 12:30! The busses for the airport were loaded with somewhere around 600 missionaries! When we all got on the bus, it was a sad time knowing that I probably won’t see most of these people that I’ve met here, again in this life! But eventually I will! Those thoughts soon left as I began to see the world outside of the MTC! It is so great to be in the world again!

When we all arrived at the airport, we got our tickets and I got to meet the other missionaries I was traveling with! Some were stranger than others, but you could see the excitement all over their faces! My bags were way underweight, which means I have more room to put some new souvenirs! The plane ride was short, but I got to speak with a 12 year old kid from Honduras who is being deported for drug abuse. Don’t worry, he had his body guards on either side of him! The plane landing was a little bumpy as the pilot came in a little hot. I was then greeted by the Mission President and the AP’s, who were taking us to view the temple, and then to the stake center to figure out who our new companions were going to be!

I was all nervous, until I found out that I was paired up with a really cool companion, Elder Gomez! Later, we were informed that we are able to use the mission car at all times! Its a gold 2013 4 door automatic Chevy Cruze! Luckily, we have tiptronic shifting to have a little fun, since TIWI, our older brother that is wired into the ecu, limits us from most everything else! Either way, a car is still a blessing!

When we left the meeting with our new companions, then came the drive home! (And all the questions and stories to follow!) He mentioned that he is pretty good at the yo-yo even before I thought to tell him that I brought some of mine! So later that night, I asked him to show me some cool moves! Then we went by 3 or 4 houses of investigators, after we dropped the bags at the sweet apartment! The people weren’t home, but the stories about them are remarkable! I guess one of them, a 15 year old, is a member with a 4 month old baby! Pretty rough living situation. Eventually, we went to a family’s home for dinner! They are a less active, part member family! We had some nachos! The dad is a manger for Jack in the Box, or as he pronounces it, “yack en da bux!” They have three adorable kids who range from 8 to 12. We played games and made paper airplanes with them! Luckily this family knew English, so I wasn’t completely lost!

My apartment is pretty large and I have plenty of room for my stuff! This morning, and every morning, we are going to the gym across the street! Now I was able to purchase some protein. So yeah, I’m about to get jacked out of my mind! Not! I only wish that would happen!

Oh yeah, my companion is pretty good at the yo-yo: to he can throw it forward and catch it, walk the dog, around the world and rock the baby! He has yet to see what I can do! Yet I mean, because I don’t want to hurt his feelings at all! Y’all shall find out in the next letter!

Even though everything seems to be going wrong, with my visa not coming through, leaving my duct tapped alarm clock on the wall of the MTC, no one answering the doors we knocked on; a lot seems to be going right! It may sound minor but I lost my deodorant, prayed and found it, I have a great companion, and look it’s already P-day! I have a unique sense of happiness I don’t think I’ve ever quite felt before. Who knows, maybe what people tell you, “You will never be happier than when you are on a mission,” is true?! For now I just can’t wait to work hard! In the words of my friend Torra, “Do work son!”

That’s all for now, so until Mother’s Day and my next P-day, Hasta ver! Psh, McElder. Over and out!