This week has been so crazy! So many cool things have happened! First to start off, as you know we have a gold chevy cruize! The sound system was a little weak, so you know what that means! Time to be bumping that Motab (Mormon Tabernacle Choir)! I was able to tap into a speaker wire to run a 5 dollar subwoofer from one of the goodwill stores around here! There are like six Goodwill stores, and a Deseret Industries, and Salvation Armies! Realizing that the sound I was getting was just from the speaker, I realized that I had to do something. So later that night, we had dinner with our branch president, President Cornia! Such a nice guy, who has two kids and is pretty young! We look up to him a lot! He actually gave us an amp! Kenwood 800 watts! To borrow, of course! Right now I almost have everything set up! Walmart had a very cheap sub for sale, so we got that. So all I need is a box!
Every night, we go to dinner with some kind of member whether they be less active or attend every week! It ranges! This entire week we had meatballs in our dinner, so I don’t know what type of deal they had on them at the local super market, but it must have been pretty good! Most of the homes we go into are very poor! Well, for Oregon! Most are Hispanic except for our president. Walking is almost not an option with the rain, and how big our area is! So we decided to walk for something, and we went to a place called the Great Harvest! It was so good! And free(!) for missionaries once a week!
I really thought that the language was coming along, but then I got a slap in the face when we went to eat with some El Salvadorians! They speak so weird, and large, and loud! But, got to love ‘em! I didn’t understand a word, but I realized that I can read body language pretty well! I think Nathan has really helped me there!
There is a Pick and Pull (junkyard) here, so my companion and I needed some more wires for the sub. So we found them and then blew off some steam by having fun tearing up cars! This is the more earthly miracle of the week, but none the less still pretty cool! After a hard day of working non-stop, we found two new investigators! We set up lessons with them and they seem great! After driving by to see if another person was home, Jose a 15 year old dad who is a member, just not active; we saw, sitting next to the trashcan, a sub box that is ported and is 1.25 cubes! So perfect! A little moldy, but it will do! The Lord does work in miraculous ways! When we stopped by Jose’s the next day, we found out some bad news: that when his kid was born, it had some heart problems! They tried everything to save the one year old, but it passed away. Neither the Novias family or his family has enough money to bury the baby, so they are going to cremate it instead. Very sad and hard for everyone! This is when the gospel is the most important! Treat everyday like it could be your last! How would you want to be remembered? How do you want God to judge you? The Plan of Salvation is one of the best things we have to share! Never be afraid to express what you believe!

I’ve heard of a lot of other missionaries getting their visas! So it’s looking promising!
If you could maybe send some snacks and a card or something! Anything really! Both addresses work, so I would just send anything to the mission home! (1400 NW Compton Dr. Suite. 250, Beaverton, OR 97006) Spanish I can understand most when people talk, but speaking is still slow! I love ya’ll! Parker, Elder McMormon