Waaazzzzzzz upppp?
Long time no talk! It’s been almost two weeks since my p-day, but wow has it been so sick! I finally made it to PERU. Is it different! My visa came in along with my former companion, and another sister named Hermana Weller. So cool to finally be reunited! After saying goodbye to my companion, Elder Gomez in Portland, I got to the mission home. He is such a cool guy! From there we woke up at 4am, and got ready for the plane flight. After checking everything, we made it on the plane for the first leg of the flight to Dallas, Texas, where we had a 3 hour layover until the next flight to Lima Peru! That was a long flight, but luckily I made a friend next to me. He was from Anaheim and grew up mostly in Peru. He put my mind at ease with some of the rumors I’ve heard.

We landed about 1 in the morning, and didn’t get to our apartment ‘til 4am. Going from all English to all Spanish as soon as you hit the ground, was hard! My luggage did get opened up and looked through, but it doesn’t look like they took anything important, so I’m still in the clear! After we woke up at 7am, we rushed to the airport again to fly another hour to AREQUIPA! So nuts!

The driving here is ridiculous! All the taxis and vans that people have here are all over the roads. The lines or police don’t really bother anyone here. Everyone is always honking, but not as another way to flip someone off, but rather ‘I’m passing on your left!’ Getting to sit by some people I knew was comforting.

We got to Arequipa, and the mission president is really cool. His family is so nice! But, he will leave here in about 20 days. I met my new companion and his name is Elder Alvarado. He’s from Guatemala, and has been out 5 months. He knows this area pretty well, and is really good at Spanish, very clear and crisp. He speaks a little English from all the American songs he listens to, so getting my point across isn’t bad at all.

I got unpacked, and I live in a restaurant. Well, above a restaurant and my pechenista is a chef and cooks really well. The family is so nice, and so are most of the people here. As of now we have about 12 investigators and almost had a baptism 2 days ago! But that’s ok, the work is hastening and Satan can’t hold on for much longer. So cool to finally be here and talking with everyone! Well trying to… Espanol is coming along but still slacking. I felt in one lesson that I really nailed it, all the conjugations and accents too. I love it here and love all the people. I have a few stories about being called a “gringo” and what not, but I will save them for another time. As for now, I have futbol game to get too! To sum up Peru right now in one word would be: “Huh?!”