Well, I’m still alive! That’s a plus, right?! Peru is so sick! All the random things you find here are pretty much indescribable. So many brown people here too! And they all speak Spanish! Strange! Anyways, my penchinesta is the best! She is a cook for her own restaurant in the front of the house we live in, so it’s always good food (for Peru). The coolest thing I’ve seen so far is a Ferrari and a BMW M3, but those were both in Lima, not too much here in Lara. But I have seen a sweet Hyundai Veloster turbo with a sick black to white paint job and good looking rims. And you know they can pack a bus, when they have slammed the rear end and cause sparks to shoot out the rear!

The strangest thing that I’ve seen is a bunch of borrachos who take turns peeing on a fake church! All of the Virgin Mary sanctuaries are different too! Everyone here is Catholic and we ask them why, and they say because…….yeah, that’s what I thought. The weather here is always sunny. It has sprinkled like twice, but that’s rare for here! There is practically no ozone, so the sun is hot, but the shade is perfect! At nighttime, I just need my light jacket. So that’s pretty cool!

I have email access only on Mondays, which are my p-days!!! My companion is a morning person, and if you know me, I’m not. It’s something that I have to work on because he makes me pray in the morning, and I can hardly understand what I’m saying half the time due to my voice. We’ve only ran into one lady who has said we don’t believe in Christ, so I let her feel my name tag, and see that the letters on it that say JesuCristo.

I still don’t understand too much, but I’m learning here and there. We’ve had three baptismos in three days and we’re doing pretty well with investigators! We are told to contact 100 new people each week! The people here are really nice, and I love how cheap everything is here! Our district futbol shirts come in on Monday. We will use them for p-day and we had our names put on them! All the miracles here are insane! One day we got to skate with 4 to 5 younger 14 year old kids! They beat me in a game but I’m getting it down in my church shoes! Love all you guys!

My Address is: Elder McPherson
Peru Arequipa Mission
Edificio el Pera Avenida el Ejercito 710
oficina 7031 Cayma
Arequipa, Peru.