S’up y’all? So last p-day we found out that our futbol that we had to play soccer with, had a hole in it so we had to buy a new one! They cost 50 soles. To put that in perspective, a brand new movie costs 2 soles. We played for 2 hours and then it hit a spike and popped as well. Oh well! Later that night we had real pizza from Pizza Hut for dinner! Score one for us!

We also have this referral, and her name is Gretel. She reminds me of Betty Parker. She likes to know things, so she was interested in what we had to share. She asked some questions I even want to know more about! She is a veterinarian and she and my companion cut up a cat to take out the dinner that wouldn’t digest. Yee ha can you say gross?! I could watch most of it, but the whole needle and blood thing, I still can’t do! Brought back memories before my mission! Ahhhhhhhh! This week I’ve learned to count my blessings!

We got two new missionaries living in our house now, so there is a total of four of us now! I’m glad that I have my companion. We live with a family who has a 24 year old returned missionary named Roger. He likes English rap music, so I hear all the new songs from home every morning!

My companion and I got a call at 6:45 in the morning from a lady letting us know that our shirts that we had ordered, were ready for pick up! They are futbol shirts that have our zone on them. Everyone’s was perfect except mine! It has a little hole that they stitched up, but they spelled my name wrong…. figures that they would get the gringos name wrong! They spelled it MEPHERZON. Hey it’s my first one I’m not complaining!! And whenever somebody asks where I’m from, I say GRINGOLANDIA! It’s much easier!!

One of our baptisms that we had previously, his name is Roger (not Roger in our house), but we helped him in his job this week. He makes alcohol and uses recycled bottles when he fills them. He doesn’t drink, which is weird, but definitely a plus, ‘cause he would be sinning after his baptism!! He wants to serve a mission like us, and asked us how he can pay tithing! It’s true that the Lamanites here will never leave the gospel!

The weirdest thing, but definitely the highlight of this week, was that I saw MY FIRST DEAD PERSON! I found out later that she had been in bed for four days, and the family thought she would just wake up! Anyways it made me think deeply about my family, and what future holds for us, and how when need to make the best of it! This week was the first time I’ve had lomos saltado for dinner! By far the best thing that I have every tasted here! Later everyone!!