What up my peeps!?
This week has been ridiculous! My companion Elder Alvarado ran out of money, so we have been walking everywhere instead of taking the bus! One day we walked for 6 hours straight from place to place because no one was home!

This entire week we have met with an investigator whose name is Gretel. The one that reminds me of Betty Parker! She has so many great questions, and she is reading and actually understanding it! This Gospel can be taught two ways: by using logic we can get all the facts, but it’s when we use the Spirit, that is how it ties it all together!! In a lesson with Gretel, a man came in to argue with us and my companion had to keep me cooled down because I had so many scriptures up the wahzoooo! He also said he was an English teacher, so he thought that he could talk to me in English, but he really wasn’t that good! Gretel even backed us up and asked him to leave!

It was my first and last conference with Mission President Fernandez who is now replaced by President Zobrist. I got the chance to see where the temple will be located here! But, shhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone! It’s so pretty!

An elder in my district reminded me that ´´REMEMBER THOSE KIDS WHO DONT HAVE RULES FROM THEIR PARENTS? HOW DO THEY TURN OUT?¨ It really made me think that these rules aren’t a bad thing, but rather something to shape me to make me better and maybe even protect me!

I officially hit the three month mark on my mission! We’ve visited a family in the ward and they welcomed us in and stuffed us with pastel and sent us on our way! The mom had a high-pitched voice, a little crazy and reminded me of the professor in Harry Potter that sets all the rules and always wears pink. (Dolores Umbridge) But she is much nicer.

Okay, this part is weird! My companion got an emergency transfer two days ago. For what!? I can only guess. He is now working in the office and the elder who was working there got sent with me! His name is Elder Dresen and he is a gringo too, but he has 11 months under his belt already! He is from California as well! Fallbrook is about an hour south of Laguna Hills. What’s really weird is that I had a thing with his cousin before my mission!! Awkward… a great guy to learn how to be obedient from.

Answers to your questions: I got told in the MTC that I was bearing my testimony in Spanish when I was asleep. That’s about as far as my dreams go. Other than that, I can’t understand my dreams anyways when I dream in Spanish! Our ward has about 150 people in it and is very supportive! People here always stare at the gringo, especially on the bus, but I’m getting better and understanding all they are saying, so it’s kind of funny to laugh with them! I haven’t had any weird food here yet, but rice and potatoes and chicken are the normal food groups here! So I’m getting used to all of it still!
Love you all!
That’s all folks!