Seriously, everything here is so different! But a good different. The language seems to be plateauing again… I just got to keep praying for it and nunca give up. Last P-day, another elder and I went to a little shopping center for an hour and picked up some cool things for super cheap! Prices here are fantastic! Even though almost all of it is fake… I made my first smoothie this week, because every morning we have the same thing, bread, butter, jam, and hot chocolate. Basically I just threw some things in a blender and it came out pretty good! They have more yogurt here than you could imagine! It’s like danimals every morning! I also had chicken nuggets this week! Delicious! And this week was a special week, (I will get to that), because I got to eat a “Whooooppppppper!” from Burger King and a Mcflurry and a Big Mac! BK was definitely the best! I also tried guinea pig for the first time… yeah, it was so much better than the chicken that I eat almost every day. It has a flavor that is hard to explain.

McDonalds im Lima!
As a missionary, there isn’t much you can change in your outfit except your tie. This is why I now have so many more! I did a tie exchange, my first one, with the only black elder in my zone! He is so funny! His name is Elder Arce. My companion and I also messed with our otro companions’ room, after they thought it would be funny to lock us in our room somehow. To say the least, we got them back and they still haven’t found everything yet.

This week I got sent to Lima to take care of my illegality issue. There was a problem with my visa, as some dates were incorrect. So I basically spent all day in the Peruvian dmv for my identification. In the airport, waiting for my flight home, this huge kid walked by, and I opened my mouth and said to my temporary companion, “That’s one big kid!” He was about 6-4 and 300 pounds. Take a guess as to the one person I ended up sitting next to on the plane. Yeah. Luckily it was only an hour long flight so that made it nice.

Being on the Lord’s time, and not on my time is something I’m working on. All of my life it’s been about me and what I have and others don’t, but I’m starting to realize the bigger picture. I can have everything in the world but what do I have to show for it if I don’t help anyone else out in the process? These people need what we have, and that’s why I’m here. I’m promised blessings because I’m a missionary. A mission wasn’t an easy process to get on and it isn’t an easy process during it, but through the power of God, literally nothing is impossible. It doesn’t mean that it will be easy, but rather possible. Our investigators are all progressing at their own rates and I love every one of them so much!

As for now, that’s all folks. Almost 4 months in! brb (Be right back!)