Hey guys,
To start off, I want to wish you a happy 16 birthday, Braden! Best brother I could ask for! Just don’t think you can start driving my truck now… Anyways the work here is good, and the people here are just as good!
Every day is hard, but literally anything is possible with the Lord. Our investigators are slacking a little, so we’ve really been working with the ward for references, and to make better contacts on the street! My ward is great, but that might be because I still can’t understand all that they are saying. There are about 150 people or so, and it is growing everyday. The members, or even the people of Peru are very caring. Even though some don’t have very much, they are still willing to give you all that they have. Our apartment is actually a member’s home, and she is also our penchinesta, and as of now we live with another companionship until they can get a new apartment. Being illegal was definitely fun but it doesn’t really matter as a missionary, because they don’t really know anyways. Except for the fact that I have blue eyes and blonde hair…

Sorry to hear that grandpa Ted passed away, but the cool thing is that it is not the end! Not by a long shot! Tell grandma Nadine that I love her so much during this hard time she is going through again.

This week my companion was sick on Wednesday, so we hung out in the house all day and played a lot of UNO. We play UNO at almost every breakfast, lunch, and dinner! It’s always so good! We have all these catchy slang phrases in Spanglish that we are all using whenever someone throws a Plus 4 or a Cancel card down! This week we had cake again!

It sprinkled a little this week for about 10 minutes and the rest of the time it has been about 70 degrees with blue sky. It’s fun to get on the bus and have all these strange looks of people focused right on you! I’m starting to know my area a little better. My companion and I both walk a lot during the week: at least for a couple hours every day. We had dinner with the bishop this week, and we had probably some of the best chicken I’ve ever had! (Besides Smokin Mo’s in Chico, CA.) This week has gone by so fast, yet every day has been long!

Also this one time during a lesson, with a member present, we were asking what he believed in, and he believes in imagens, or saints, and in worshiping the Virgin Mary. I don’t understand too well why, but I respect him for it anyways. In the lesson, I felt like I shouldn’t say anything. It was probably for the best, because it was going to be a kind of a smart aleck remark. The spirit works in many ways and I’m so happy to be a part of this work.
Elders McPherson and Dresen