Que tal amigos!
So, last Pday we went to see a bunch or oldschool dances, Peruvian style, at the chapel! So cool to see all the people light up and have a great time! The dances, well, were a lil’ strange, but so cool to see! The costumes were antiques of great great Gma’s!

Our investigators are not really progressing, so we are focusing on menos activos and finding referencias. In one lesson with a menos activo, named Katy, we talked about a lot of different things, but it was so spiritual! She has been less active for 4 years and lives in a part member family! Can you say golden!?! We are also teaching this other family. They are members and all have a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. The problem is that they don’t like the people in the ward… They know the church is true, but they don’t like this ward! It’s the same gospel all around the world, but the congregations are all different. It’s a different kind of church here but still the same spirit-wise! We explained all that we could, and set up a date to have a family home evening to introduce some good friends from the ward! The spirit was so strong and the gift of tongues I felt came to me.

This week we sang songs as a zone during an ocmco (Orange County Mormon Choral Organization) type thing here: we 3 literally killed it! At the beginning we sang “Called to Serve” to a light beat box and finished with “Come Thou Fount” in English and Spanish. The spirit was so strong! That was a bad day for missionary work but its still a sick day in the life of a missionary.
Elders Chillin'
There was one day this week where I literally couldn’t stand our room anymore. It was too dirty. I don’t understand why it was as dirty as it was, but I decided that I would clean it up. I spent all morning cleaning it! And then I stacked our beds to make bunk beds! The room is so much more open, and so much nicer!

Later that day, we ran in to a contact who really seems to be interested in learning about the church! Her name is, ……………………………….wait for it…………………………………………………………AMERICA. That’s right, I’m going to baptize America! She seems to be interested in our message! I would find the one girl named America! This same day I finished reading 4th Nephi in the Book of Mormon!!! And to finish off the day, I ate Corazon de res. Ask someone who speaks Spanish what that is!

This is not the most spiritual story but definitely the coolest! So I’m walking down the street to tell an hermana that we couldn’t have dinner with her in her restaurant! There in her restaurant was a man with a funky hat. I thought to myself, “What is he wearing!??” As my eyes focused in, I saw it had a little fan built into the brim! I looked to my companion and said, “I want that!” I looked at the thing on the top and thought it was for batteries, but it’s for solar cells. It has solar power! I then blurted out, “I have to have that hat!” I asked the guy where I could get one and he said from his work far away! I told him that I would buy the one off his head right now! My companion translated and I smiled! The guy hesitated and then said, “30 soles!??” I said, “Deal!” I walked back home and had the hat in my hand in less than 2 minutes! So yes, I bought a solar powered fan hat! Score!

Anyways, that’s all for this week! Hasta lunes!

Wearing my cool solar powered hat while emailing home.

Wearing my cool solar powered hat while emailing home.