Wazzzz up ppp!?
So last P-day was a little odd. Instead of playing futbol like normal, we went back to our house and chilled for a little while. We took some pictures and played a lot of UNO, roughly about 3 hours of UNO. After that, we went to a little kid’s house to help set up for his 2 year old birthday party. Even though he doesn’t really know what was going on, it was still fun! We set up three fechas for bautismos (baptismal dates) and 2 new investigators. That day literally rocked!

This week I went on divisions (splits) for the first time from my companion that I have now. Man, was it nice! When you are with the same person for 24 hours a day and never leave their side, its nice to have a change up. I went on splits with Elder Diaz who is an absolute stud! He only has two more days in the mission than me, and I got to learn a lot from him. We ran home about 3 miles to make it home at 9:30 on the dot after leaving a family and setting two more fechas! Too bad they aren’t in my area. This is his temporal mission, his real mission is Anaheim California, but he is waiting for his visa like I was. I’m just lucky that mine came sooner!

In our lessons with people, I learn a lot. Before walking into a lesson with Elder Dresen, he said something that struck me: We must have ridiculous confidence in el espiritu santo, if we expect people to change their entire life. So that night, I trusted in it, and it worked out for the better! No fechas yet, but they will soon be on the way.

My companion and I don’t always agree, so I’m learning to accept people in their beliefs! Of course we believe in the same gospel, we just disagree sometimes! I really tried to do this in a lesson with some less active members! In this lesson, I got to use the Plan of Salvation cosa (thing) that my Mom sent me in the mail! (I also finally got a sweet package from Gma and Gpa as well! Filled with REAL American candy!! I love candy!)

The next day was filled with service! We woke up to give service to a family (that lives deep in my old area with Alvarado before they split the boundries.) We moved 200 pound rocks from in the ground to a little wall they were trying to build. From not using my hands in a while, I got a few blisters. The family than gave all of us lunch. Not just a lil’ lunch but one meant for kings! Somehow we all managed to get all the food down and afterwards had to clear some room in our stomachs by draining them in the huge bathroom they had! I guess no one here uses toilet seats cause I haven’t used one in 3 months! Also I accidently put on rocoto sauce thinking it was ketchup so my mouth was on fire!

I went on splits again but with Elder Chota who lives next to us, because his companion was sick! He literally doesn’t take no for an answer! Reminds me of Mom! When we were out there in his area, we saw a huge moldy dead dog who was getting eaten by two other dogs! Comiendo celestial! We had our first investigator attend the iglesia (church) this week for the first time in 5 weeks! It’s been rough but is coming back up!

El Reino De Dios O Nada
Peruvian Gringo