Sup y’all,
This week for P-day we played volleyball as a zone! So much fun for the gringos because we have hand coordination! When it comes to the Latinos, it’s foot and nothing else coordination. But that’s cool ‘cause they still school me in futbol. We made pizzas as a zone and they were pretty darn good! No pictures this week because my camera was stolen on a crowded bus. Luckily I can buy a new one here in town.

As we were doing our normal 4 hours of contacting one day, we ran into these two people! They were both training their cocks (chickens). They are cock fighters and were training them in the street! So I decided that I would give them the word of God!! Needless to say, they want to learn more!! I also found where they have their huge cock fighting arena, and it’s in our area!! So sick! Later that night I made mac ‘n cheese that my Gma sent to me! Yup, mas trunky! So good!!!!

I’ve been thinking about a lot of others out on their missions and it’s crazy to think that Paul Sessions has been out almost a year! The infamous Paul Sessions! I remember driving that kid to school every day! Buds for life! I finished reading Mormon in the Book of Mormon and it talked about a lot of things that I have taken to heart! Praying is useless if you don’t have faith. Have faith in everything and accompanied with prayer, all is possible!

We have been helping an hermana cook a lot of food, and in return she gave us steaks that we got to cook! I was later told that they were very expensive too. I feel so lucky to be in the position I’m in right now! I also found these delicious toffees here! I guess I take after my Mom, because I downed 110 of them in 20 hours! Love them! I could live off of them!

Since we live with two other elders and a rm (returned missionary) we had the sickest companion study the other day! We all asked questions and found answers, and evidence to back up many of the questions we had! It’s so cool to have a bunch of minds put together other than just yours!

I also got 3 new ties this week, and they are all so sick! Turquoise, purple/white, and a blue light blue! We played futbol with investigators this week and all the elders killed the rest of the ward! We scored so many goals! And I even used my head to score one of them! Off the crossbar and in! This letter is short but the experiences are many!

Elder Mcfearson