What a jam-packed week! But, it’s gone by so fast! It’s like being stopped in bumper to bumper traffic on the freeway, and a street bike splitting the car pool lane at 50 mph! Yeah, like that fast! Anyways, last P-day was Elder Howard’s birthday. We live with him and his companion, and we had cake like 5 times that day! You really can’t get enough cake. I think it’s like Bishop Ward and hotdogs! One of the last cakes of the night I “accidentally” plowed his 20 year old face in the middle of it! We also had Peruivian styled American burgers for dinner! Yum!

Being here and listening to the greenies (new missionaries), and even those who are struggling with the language, I feel that I have improved 10 fold! Everyday I learn more about myself, and the Lord’s work.
This week we made omelettes after having a noche de hogar con la familia rosas! They are the greatest! We talked about Lehi and his dream! We talked about the four different types of people, and where they all end up. Only those who embrace the gospel, expect nothing more, and have faith make it to the end!

The next day, we went contacting with members to visit less actives. We came to one house and met this girl! (The custom here is to greet with a kiss), so as she was coming to “greet” me I stuck out my hand. But that didn’t stop her. So I pulled the Heisman, missionary style! You should have seen me! I mean I would have been on top 10 rejection re-runs of the day!

We have been filled with service this entire week! I love it! The service isn’t always fun, but it’s so worth it! I really feel a love for the people here! We’ve done 4 or 5 projects this week including sanding paint off of concrete walls, cleaning 10 foot tall windows, and cleaning houses! Luckily, most of it was inside. We all looked like zombie missionaries with all of the blue and yellow saw dust! Every morning, working out hard my stretchband finally gave out! Literally a slap in the face! Reading in the book Our Heritage, it talked about the Law of Tithing and then the Law of Consecration. I don’t know if I could do it! If you don’t know what that is, look it up, because it would be a tough one for me!

The other elders that live with us had a baptism for a kid this week! I actually set the date for him when I was on splits with them! So I feel partially responsible! The kid’s parents are being baptized next week! One of our investigators with a date turned out to be a borracho (drunk) and has been for years! Darn! We are still working with him!

Overall, that’s the news for one of the fastest weeks in the mish!
‘till next time!
Elder Mcmormon!