Sup y’all!!
Mishs (missions) are so sick! Last P-day we played soccer with a bunch of zones (groups of a dozen or so missionaries). Lets just say the team with the most Latinos won! It was the first time I’ve played on grass! So I could dive as goalie!! Yes!!

This week we’ve had changes with my leader and his companion! It’s made everything so much better! I was starting to go crazy with the same companion for 24/7-my distrito leader as well! We really get work done when we have exchanges!

This week we got 4 fechas (baptismal dates) and a new perfect investigator! She has experience with angels in her life, and my companion and I both have a feeling that she’s going to be really important to God one day when she grows a lil’ more mature! She is 13, and her name is Kimberly! She asked us when her date was for her baptism, before we even asked her! We have talked with pretty much everyone in our area! So nuts!! But we are working hard everyday! We’ve learned that when we listen first, then speak, it makes a huge difference! Instead of, “our church is right and yours isn’t!” Rather, when we can make them have an ounce of doubt, and feel the Spirit, then they know that we are correct! Then the Lord can change them!

I’ve been reading books a lot! Strange I know! But hey, as a missionary you’ve got time to learn about these things! I wish I would have spent the time at home to study, but better late than never!

It looks like my companion and I might be changing our area because of snakes! Not the animals, but recent converts who don’t have a strong testimony, but like the missionaries because they are gringos! What can I say? I’ve been blessed with this body! Hahaha, just kidding! I can’t wait to change areas! New start, new people, new doors! Yeah it’s going to be great! I could be training this week! What the heck!? This ward here is starting to feel like family! But I’m on the Lord’s time!
Ok not the longest letter, but best of luck to all of y’all!
elder mccccccccccccfearson!