Yeah pues….
Last P-day went to the mall and bought a new camera! It’s pretty cool and takes decent photos! I also found a sick jersey. It’s a Peru futbol jersey that I had fixed because it had a tear in it! I literally couldn’t pass it up! So I just had to get it!!!

We got permission from a mom to baptize one of her daughters! It’s hard to explain some things down here when people have very strong traditions! It’s when they see that we have the Light of Christ in our eyes, that they can change! I don’t know how we were able to get her to sign the permission slip, but we did! The following day we had the interview with the daughter. After we found her daughter again, we interviewed her! She started off by saying she didn’t want to get baptized. Que mal! Then my companion shared some scriptures, and I got the chance to mark them! I always want to find scriptures to share with people when they are wrong, so this was my opportunity to learn some! We pray every night for her that she can receive and realize the answer! A lot of times in life, we receive an answer to things, but we just don’t realize it, or we let Satan help us rationalize it away! We literally have been pulling lessons out of the wazoooo this week! It’s been so chaotic! We are finding new people to teach! Everyday! It’s really starting to get moving.

And so am I…….

I just got transferred to Ciudad de Dios (Northern Arequipa)! Now I’m even closer to Chachani Volcano! I’m in the foothills! Active volcanoes! Love it! Time to learn to surf lava! I just have to make sure that I make it out of the barrel when I get pitted!

This area is in the middle of nowhere! All hills, no pavement. Nothing! No plumbing, or very little at that! Overall, I thought that I had it hard in Lara (Southern Arequipa). Look at me now! At least I can take sweet pics with my new camera here!!

My new companion’s name is Elder GUZMAN. I’m calling him Goose for short, and he is calling me Maverick! Yeah, he can be my wingman anytime! He is from Guatemala! He doesn’t know English! This is going to be sick!

brb in one week! Chow chow!
Elder McPherson