Yeah, this letter is really short because I’m sending a lot of pictures! So bear with me! Last P-day I took a lot of pictures doing random poses for my Mom for a project she’s doing. I also got to go to the nearby mall that is in our zone! So cool!! So great! I bought some Dunkin’ doughnuts as well! So worth having some real American food! I love the peeps here, but the food is still strange!! I don’t like rice anymore!! But I am gaining some weight!

Dunkin' Donuts in Peru!

Dunkin’ Donuts in Peru!

With our investigators, we have a family to teach! We go over every day to help and teach them! The last time we went over, we helped wash and hang their clothes, and then taught them about how families can be together para siempre! Later that night, I bought stuff to make breakfast for dinner! I made some of my Mom’s famous French toast! Yeah, true American!! For about two hours I forgot to put on bug spray and got bit more than 5 times! The mosquitoes here are deadly! They love the fresh skin!

This past Sunday, we brought our investigators to watch conference. “You can put your money on the prophet!” Yeah, we are working on getting them married this week too! I almost had somebody die when giving them a blessing! Epic right! But they are ok now!! I like that all I can speak is Spanish with my companion, because he doesn’t know English por squat! Yeah, he is from Guatemala and he is a crack up!

Knock Knock!

Knock Knock!

As for now that’s all! I love getting letters from Garrett’s dad and from the Harrington family! And of course, from my Mom! It’s hard and dusty but great here!

Elder McPherson!