This week was one of those weeks!
As of this week I’ve got 5 shirts (jerseys) with my name put on them, and two of them are misspelled! What can ya do? It’s Peru! I realized that teaching without the Spirit, and trying to do it from your own thoughts, just doesn’t work and it’s multiplied when you and your companion are getting along! I find myself thinking I’m more and more of a RED everyday! (See the Color Code) Companion menor is difficult to say the least!

We have changes (transfers) this week so hopefully the Lord can answer my prayer! Our investigators are calling us angels. I’ve realized this work is less and less about me, and more about the people who listen and want it! I really am learning to love the people here, regardless of who they are!

One night this week, we cooked mac n cheese that my companion bought from one of his gringo companions! But we cooked it with our investigators and they loved it! I mean, how can you not love it!? The following night they made us mac n cheese, but Peruvian style. Yee ha, so good!
I got to talking with the husband of my penchionista and I noticed that he was wearing a JL audio shirt! We got to talking, and he likes sound systems too! So we might team up after my mission!

Walking down the street, we always see the strangest things. This week it was a big tractor that had dug himself into a hole doing construction and broke a water main in the process! We watched for 30 minutes as they finally did everything correctly to get it out! It was almost the same thing that happens when riding at Glamis and you get stuck! Except the tractor is a lot heavier! I also saw my first 4 door dark blue Ford Raptor here, the 6.2L with 5% tint all around!

Anyways, this family that we are teaching is great! We kinda killed them in a lesson about being parents having control of their kids and the following day, their kids were all behaved and were listening! So i guess it worked!
I love the work so much that I guess that I’m dreaming about it now. My companion has told me that I have been teaching the first lesson in Spanish and smiling in my sleep! What!? I don’t know how it is possible because I can’t speak Spanish in real life!

So we’ve been having a problem with the 6 year old son of the people we’re living with, entering our room and moving stuff around when we are not there. So we told him that there are crocodiles and scorpions and spiders that sting in all of our drawers! And that they eat only “MATEO” which is his name!! Needless to say, our room hasn’t been disturbed since!
That’s all for this week! chow chow!

Elder McPherson