So last P-day I had an “American cheeseburger” but it was just another fake imitation! You think with all the copying they do here they could incorporate it into the food….

As a zone, we got zone soccer shirts and they are sick! Just like Harry Potter! This week we had our companion inventory. Let’s just say I learned a lot and so did my companion! So on the way home from the activity there were six missionaries on the bus, including myself! This lady got on to sell chocolates. I’m sure this was the same concept in the Bible with people selling stuff in the temple, but she proceeded to use Jesus Christ to sell her chocolates. After we didn’t buy them, she informed the whole bus about her opinions on Jesus. Of course we were listening, and she kept saying, “Jesus didn’t die for any religion, so all of them are true.” She was really confused, and probably will be for a long time! Yeah, we could have burned her with scriptures and logic, but as missionaries we are here to serve, not argue.

It was a really humbling week of experiences! The most humbling experience happened last night when we talked with one of my companion’s previous converts who is only 13 years old. She hasn’t been talking to us for like three weeks, and has been very difficult for her non-member mom to handle. Last night we figured out why and sadly, it had to do with abuse.

Other than that, we are still working with one family who now have a marriage date set for the 8th on November. Then agua, then confirmation! It’s going to be so cool! Three baptisms, and a whole family! Oh yeah, and no cambios (transfers), so I’m with my companion for another month and a half. A mission is sick! Literally you learn things you never thought about before! And living with the same companion for over 3 months, you learn to develop patience! But other than that, it’s so cool!

Elder McPherson

Parker and a Peruvian Puppy

Parker and a Peruvian Puppy