Wazzz uppppp?!!
Yet another week in the life of a missionary! Yeah it’s another week and not a day, because it’s flying! The time here seems so short, but when I look back, it’s been one of a kind! So many things that you can’t have anywhere else: from seeing grandmas using the bathroom in the street, to feeling the Spirit so strong! Yeah, two complete different things, but something you can’t get anywhere else! So last P-day I got rocked in the head by a soccer ball, but I’m all good now! Hey my nose still looks the same! Ha ha!

The sun really burns here from like 9 to 12 in the morning! You just get roasted if you are a gringo! I also had Papa John’s pizza for the first time in a long time, this past week! I have one container of garlic sauce saved for emergencies now, haha!

We contacted with a sister in the ward this week and she handed out flyers for Herbal Life and our pamphlets (I don’t like Herbal Life, but here it is big!) Anyways, this week we had a good lesson with our family who we are teaching, and they were asking us some tough questions like: Why can you have parties in the church if it’s the same place you pray to the Lord on Sundays? Also, why we can donate blood when it says not to in the Bible itself! I’ve done my research and I could have answered it for them there with scriptures and logic, but something told me not to. So I bore my testimony instead. I’ve realized we’re not here for everyone, but I am here for those lost sheep that are trying to find their way home! Key word: trying.

Well, I’ve hit 7 months in my mission and I’m still going strong! On the 8th of November, we are planning to marry a family and then agua (baptize them)! This family is literally a gift from God for us to learn from, and grow as the Spirit converts them! I love my mission, all that I’m getting to see, and all that we, as missionaries, have to share! Love y’all!
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Elder McMormon

My 'Harry Potter' Futbol Jersey

My ‘Harry Potter’ Futbol Jersey