Yeah what’s new gringos!?? This week was so sick! Halloween! And almost every other church was protesting against Halloween. They were saying how it’s a day to bring out the dead and bad spirits! Well that’s not true. Many churches had little flyers and people we passing them out. I took them, and asked everyone of them to show me where it was found in the Bible, or where it says something close to it. Yeah, nothing! So I kept going up the chain (something I learned from my mom)! I finally found the boss guy, and he told me it’s because through revelation and a scripture… Please! Revelation only exists in the correct church!

Which Witch?

Which Witch?

There are many things here that are so funny! I keep all the flyers and papers from other churches! I even have a pretty good collection of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I like reading their stuff because it’s so funny! I’ve learned in my mission that the only way that people are going to listen, is with your testimony! Share it, share it, share it. The more you share it, the more room you have to grow it!

You really learn a lot from exchanges! I absolutely love exchanges! It’s a time to work a little harder! Being with somebody for the whole day is a little hard, but when you get a little break with someone else, it’s great! You get to hear different testimonies and learn different facts!

Everyone was celebrating their dead ones this week as well! There were thousands of drunk people talking to their dead ancestors at the cemeteries! And after looking back on my life, it was the first cemetery I’ve been to in my whole life! I’ve seen the movies, but in person it was something else!

So we had some service last week for our family who is getting married this week, and then we are baptizing them! It’s been such a blessing, so far, to teach them! They consider us their angels! I worked on my MIG welding skills about 3 days ago, for this service project where we put up a roof of tin sheets! I forgot to put on sunscreen, and so I got absolutely roasted! I’m pinker than Patrick the starfish! If I was at home, no problem, but because of the missionary tan, it’s a little different! I love the work and all the pics from the family!

Love your missionary,
Elder McPherson