Another week in the life of a missionary!
So this week was filled with great things! We helped finalize a marriage of a family, and after that, their baptisms, and yesterday their confermationes! It was so cool to see the family that we’ve been teaching make the sacrifices that they have, to become members of the true church! Realizing that I’ve been born into the church, and I had my whole family as strong members, it’s been an easy way to follow. ‘Till now, I’ve been following the footsteps of my father by serving a mission! My life has been easier than others’ because of the choices of my parents! Maybe it wasn’t always what I wanted at the time, but I’m glad I’ve been a member of the church my whole life. Because if the missionaries came knocking on my door today, I honestly don’t think that I would listen. I would be too concerned with my truck, or school, or my job, and I really don’t think that I would think about the long term perspective of life very much; much less the spiritual things. For those who are converts, I have a lot of respect. Because they’ve grown up in the world, and don’t know any other way, and now, two 19 year old kids want you to change everything that you thought brought you happiness!

This mission is not easy, not at all, but it’s so worth it! These experiences, the good and the bad, can’t be duplicated again! I’ve come to realize there is way more than I ever thought to life. This week, three other of God’s children found the door to salvation and opened it. They now have a new perspective, and a place in my heart! I love this family, and know they are going to be worthy for a long, long time! I’m so glad I was able to baptize the mother! It’s something remarkable! Especially because I was speaking in Spanish!

George and Vanessa's Wedding before their baptisms.

George and Vanessa’s Wedding before their baptisms.

My letter is short, but thank you for all the support!
I love you all! I look forward to hearing from you again!
Elder McPherson