This week was so fast! We have been walking from lesson to lesson, teaching, teaching, and teaching some more! Our goal for this month is 5 baptisms, and as of now we have three…. We brought five investigators to church this week, and two have prior attendances. We were wondering how we are going to get five, when the Lord intervened! There was a family who came to church again after living in a different city for four years! All of their kids are baptized but one…and the kid wants to get baptized this week! What a miracle, how when we focus on the work, the Lord blesses us!
My companion and I are getting along a little better, as I’m trying to serve him the best that I can!

I’ve realized that I don’t know everything, and when it comes to gospel principles, I’m really just an infant in my comprehension! Last night, we got the question why couldn’t blacks hold the priesthood in the past. This is a question I’ve asked for myself, and found the answer for myself, but something a little bit harder to explain to someone not of our faith. But by using the Spirit, I taught as good as I could, and than I bore my testimono. I believe this is when it all worked out. He realized that he would have to look for himself to find the answer he wanted! Yeah, I may not have all the answers, or all the time in the gospel like others, but the one thing no one can take away is my testimony.

“I cant tell you what to think or believe, but I can tell you what I believe; and that is, I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of our God, and He restored His church once again with all of the keys and ordinances and power of Christ’s original church.”

Oh yeah, I also used the peanut butter you sent me in the last package for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Wow, how I miss the small things in life! I hope the truck is ok, and all the family are doing good!

To answer your questions: The kids in the family that was married and baptized are 10, 7, 4, and 4.
Our transfers are the December 1. Be sure send some video or pics of you guys out at Glamis! Be safe (Mom).