What a week!
Our numbers for contacting and lessons were really low because we have been working with strengthening our members and building their confidence! We also got a surprise visit from Elder Russell M. Nelson. Yes, the apostle! He and his wife came on Friday and we got to hear them speak! I even got to shake his hand! What a feeling it was! He really is a special witness of Jesus Christ! He talked a lot about prayer and how we should try to take it more seriously.

The Hebrew word for prayer means to speak with someone; and that’s literally what we are doing. As missionaries, a lot of the time, we say prayers every 5 minutes because it’s what the handbook says to do…in reality, it’s the only way to understand what we need to do. When we use prayer to thank Him for things, we also need to ask him for things as well. Personally, I like to get very specific! Lord, help me find a person ready to listen in this house, at this time, and this date! But however it is, ask the angels around you to help you. They want to help, not only when you’re doing good, but also when you need help with something. Prayer isn’t something we should take for granted! It’s a gift that no one can take away!

Yesterday, we had service for 5 hours in the baking sun! We were building parts of a house. With huge blocks of rock! It’s nuts how they build their houses here! But, it’s how they live. We got about half of it done! The shower afterwards was probably the best one that I’ve had here! I found this person in the street who makes some really good Peruvian style donuts with syrup and all! Mmm tasty!



Hope all is good with everyone, and hope all are safe out riding at Glamis this week!
Elder McPherson