Roller coaster of emotions this week.

We started off the week on a good note! My zone and another zone took a trip to Chivay! It’s a little pueblo in the middle of nowhere! There are only 2 missionaries serving there right now! We did service. We swept streets and we painted lines in the street! Even though the drivers here don’t follow any of the lines, we drew them anyway! We also cleaned a very dusty mercado. The people there are different, a good different! They are very nice, and it’s funny to hear them talk in another language, which is called Kechwa.

This week I tried this cake called Three Cheese Cake! Wow! It blew my mind! I’m definitely making it at home for you guys!

This week I’ve also used the skills I’ve learned from my Mom and my other mom (Jen Passey) to plan a going away party! We spent basically two days getting everything ready for an elder who has become a really good friend! He left for his house today and really made me trunked out of my mind. His companion is going home too, because he has to have an operation on his knee, so we said goodbye to both of them this morning! We planned a sweet party, where he went from house to house looking for this investigator. At every house, he found a letter with a special something inside. When he had all four letters, he could read what it said! We all surprised him at the chapel with a big party! What a day! We also had dinner together that night!

I taught the family that I’m living with, how to play Bunco and I will definitely be playing on New Years Eve! I’ve learned when you have confidence with the members, it makes things much easier! We have received references, and they are all golden! This week we will blow it up! (Even if it means we join them in all their ward activities.)

Look, turbos for my truck!

Look, turbos for my truck!

Eating chicken here is getting old. We have it almost every meal! But I eat it because it’s normal! Eat more chickin! I also had a Mountain Dew this week! Wow, what a taste it had!

Elder McPherson