Peru is so cool! The people are so different in their traditions and because it’s not America, Thanksgiving doesn’t mean anything to them! But there are holidays for saints, so it makes up for it!

We worked hard this week! Really hard, but our numbers don’t seem to show it. We picked up a new area, so we have really been working with members for references! We had a bazillion Family Home Evenings. I’ve realized I don’t want kids! They are just all a pain in the neck! I love working with the kids with mental differences because I feel like I connect with them more, but the normal kids are all so obnoxious! (Things you learn on the mission) Because I can understand people now, I know what they are asking me.

My companion still doesn’t like to listen much, and just kinda gives the answer to what every question he wants. It makes it hard, but it’s taught me to learn to listen to people, and figure out the problem, or doubts that they have!

I got three packages this week! One with a tree, one with the days before Christmas, and one from Gma Lori! I also got a letter from stake president Davis!

We have been giving service to everyone we find, and it’s actually making the days a lot better! We have been teaching this one family, and they are really progressing a lot. He has a lot of doubts, but what he can’t doubt is our testimonies. There is a lot of doctrines in the world but the true doctrine only comes from God and He is the author of it. We can’t change it!

We have got a lil’ rain here for the first time in a long time! I really hope it pours soon! We have had some earthquakes the past couple days, and its just like being at home in Cali!

It’s going to be a trunky first Christmas! I hope Jordan Arrowchis enjoys his time at home and that he writes me 😉 (He arrives home from his mission in Idaho today!)

Christmas in Arequipa 2013

Christmas in Arequipa 2013

Happy holidays to all, and to all a good night!

Elder McPherson