Welp, I’m back again!
What another great week it was! I’m starting to getting a little better at volleyball, because we play like two times every week with the members!  The members here are starting to help us out a little bit more, because we have their confidence! We received 4 references this week! And they are all perfect! They all have a lot of questions and doubts about a lot of things, but they all want to find out the answers too! My companion and I are starting to teach better by ping ponging. This week we cleaned out the room of other elders, who both went home. One left because of his knee, and the other one because he was finishing his mission! Their room was a disaster, and because we picked up their area, and the mission is missing some missionaries, due to dates, it is our area now! We finally moved all of the beds and study desks to the outside, because no one will be living in the house! After that, we walked, better said jogged, around our new area! It is ginormous! We are visiting all the members and investigators from the other missionaries, to see where they left off!

Walking around our area near sunset.

Walking around our area near sunset.

There is a type of food here that is called salchipapa. It’s basically cut up hotdogs on french fries! With a ton of ketchup and mayonessa! Oh, speaking of mayonessa, I just learned how to make some yesterday! It’s really pretty easy, but if I tell you how I make it, you might not want to eat it!

The family that we performed the baptism with is really a chosen family! As we were visiting investigators with them yesterday, the father said something that caught my attention. The conversation went something like this: I said, “There aren’t many families like you guys.” He replied in a calm manner, “Yes, there are. There are many intelligent people, it’s just a lot are like I was, they are ignorant.” He continued, “Some people think that if they accept Christ, all of their problems will be fixed, but it’s not like that. It’s salvation, not a solution to every problem that you have or will have.” I’m really grateful that I got to be the missionary to bring him the true gospel! His family will be a strong base for others! I just know it!

Like I’ve said before, the mission really opens up your eyes to the “real world,” and why we are really here. I don’t think I will ever understand it in this life, but the little I do understand, is enough for me. The mission is a place to learn and grow and have experiences like this. This time is for me. Peru is where I’ve been called, and these are the people I will serve with ALL MY HEART, TIME, AND ENERGY!

Elder McPherson