January 6, 2014

It’s kinda weird to write this date, but then again, when I look back at what my year had, it was full. From finishing the front tube bumper and skidplate on my truck, to entering the mission field and now I’ve been on the Lord’s time helping others with their Salvation. To put it all in a nutshell means, that I would need a pretty big nutshell.

This New Years wasn’t spent with my truck, quads out in the desert, or with 20 gallons of gasoline for the infamous Fred fires, but rather with those who need me the most. Yeah, I’m away from my family so it can’t be them… it’s the people of my area of Peru, the people of CHACHANI. The people here make it all worthwhile from the crazy illegal fireworks, to the huge flames from people burning whatever they could find! (Whether it’s theirs or not.)


New Years 2014

New Years 2014

Just when my companion and I get an investigator (an investigator for 3 years) to commit to baptism, Satan intervenes. Wow, he works hard! We are still working and trying to do all we can to get her the blessings she deserves, but we know that we only receive blessings when we act, not just have faith. This is something that I think personally everyone needs to realize: that when we want something, we must act to get it! We must put in the necessary sacrifice, time, and sometimes sweat, to reach that goal!

If I want to baptize every week, then I need to work harder. For example there are many things that I’m learning, and many things that I’m going to learn in this course of my life. But right now, I feel like what I’m doing, is going to give me, and the others I’m helping, the advantage when Christ comes again!

My companion got to talking about how his Dad was a drunk and sometimes hit his mom. He said a few times he defended his mom when he was only 9 years old and that his dad hit him instead! He shared a lot of other things with me that are very personal. I’ve really looked over my life and how good I’ve had it: from a Dad and Mom who love me, to a home with a roof over my head, to my truck and all my friends. This is the type of joy that Nephi spoke about in the beginning of the Book of Mormon: Men are that they might have joy. It will not always be easy, because this world isn’t fair, but at the same time, we need to be strengthened and that’s why we are here: To grow, learn from our mistakes, and help others along the way until we all reach the point of Salvation.

Elder McPherson