What a freaking week!

Well God gave us a bautismo this week and his name is Javier! He is such a cool kid! We got to know him when his mom, a less active member, came to church!! He was nine years, well is, nine years old, and he is one of the coolest lil’ squirts I know! His dad is not a member (yet). We’ve been teaching him for about two weeks and he loves church! He was so golden when we found him!


Javier at his baptism.

Javier at his baptism.

This week we got to listen to Elder Grow, a member of the Seventy! He came and basically told all the bishops and leaders that how we need to work together on the same team, not different teams (missionaries vs. members). He talked about how we (the missionaries) are really only here for a short time, and the members are the ones who will always be here!  It’s really true, especially here in Peru, because the people here don’t ever move out of their homes! Where they are born, is more than likely where they are going to live! It makes it nice for missionaries because, unlike in the states, we never need to help move furniture!


This letter is going to be kinda short because I got a new companion today and didn’t know that he was waiting at the internet cafe. I was waiting in the house so this is what cut into my time this week!


So yea, we received a phone call yesterday and my old companion is going to Zona Central! This is the area where I was before, just in a different ward! But I had a division in that area, so I told him all about it! My new companion is Elder Marin and he was a District Leader, and trained twice when I was in my first zone (Central), but the mission president said that I’m senor companion and he is junior!! I think my last companion, Elder Guzman was training me for this transfer! But we are going to have to see how this week goes! Elder Marin is from Chile, and Chile and Peru haven’t been really good friends the past couple of decades. This year, they took down their peace treaty, just like North Korea. I look forward to see what happens!! It might be like the 4th of July in the states!!!!!! But for real!


This week was full of ups and downs and I really think that I’m going to miss my ex-companion! He was a great missionary, that I learned a lot from! I hope I’m ready to be senior companion and I’m ready for this. If not, I better start praying….


My Spanish is starting to really pick up! I’m starting to understand all that the people are saying! and I can basically communicate back! What’s harder now, is the English!!! To top it off, this week we finished with a baptism, a new companion and a cleaner room! We are here to learn, and I’m learning!

Elder McPherson