A week with more changes! My new companion got here and I knew him from my first zone in Central! He was a district leader (not mine) but I was glad I didn’t have him! He was real annoying. Here though, he has changed! He really has lost most of the pride that he had there! He’s more down to earth, and a really great guy. His name is Elder Marin! We’ve only been together a week but I feel like I’m learning a lot! We have been working with members and less actives this week, and as a result, our stomachs are full, and we received 12 referencias of others who might be interested, or are having a harder time in life! 


This has really helped us out, because the last week, with my last companion, we really didn’t do anything! We just kinda sat around and visited when we had to. But now that I’m senior companion, it makes things a little more smooth!


My companion has gastroities (stomach issues) so he can’t eat certain foods, which is killing me! My penchion wants it to be fair! I feel like Bishop Ward out at the desert! WHERE I ALL I WANT IS A HOT DOG! But such is life! It’s probably better for me this way! This week we also started going to the gym with my companion and the other elders down the street! It’s helping me to wake up in the morning, and stay awake during the day!


This week is the birthday of my companion, and he is going to be turning 21!!! Unlike every other 21 year old back in the States, he will not be celebrating with a bottle of y-zing. Instead he will be reaping the benefits of the mission, and so will I!  Our birthdays are exactly 1 week apart! I can’t wait to celebrate in the nighttime after an exhausting day of working hard!


Yeah, we are really getting along great, and giving service to all that we can! Even if it involves taking apart and 6 piston diesel motor in the house of a member! We have to take it apart to help find the problem and put it back together! A white shirt and tie it makes it a little difficult, but just that much more fun! After that, we got to paint white walls in one of their rooms! With the white shirt, it covered up all the oil stains that we got! 

Transfer Time January 2014

Transfer Time January 2014


I love thinking about all the things that are happening here and at home! Thanks for all the letters and emails this week, and all the support! 

Elder McPherson