Today is the 10 month mark on my mission. I’m on companion number 6 and in my 3rd area! Man, time has seemed to be flying! This last week was full of ups and downs!

Celebrating my companion's birthday!

Celebrating my companion’s birthday!

Walking has seemed to become a habit for me! Walking from 8 to 10 miles everyday! With a backpack at 6 kilos and in my white shirt, tie and slacks! Yeah, it doesn’t sound like fun right?? But it really isn’t as hard as it sounds! In some miraculous way I’m able to do it every day! I’m not gunna lie and say I like walking more than driving my truck, because it’s not true! Driving is a lot more fun! Ohh, I miss it!

Getting to know the members more this week has really helped us out! It’s not just walking up to the door, knocking on it and, asking for references. It’s more than that! It’s getting to know them personally. What their specific needs are, and helping them so they want to help you!  I remember before I left, there were two missionaries who were the coolest! They were normal! Not weird or strange in any way, but very nice. And before they came, I was a little scared to go on a mission because of all the previous missionaries I’d seen! But the example of these two missionaries boosted my enthusiasm! I wouldn’t change this decision for anything! Even if I was given a full-blown trophy truck not to go on this mission! Because right now I’m paying my tithing in time for the 20 years that I’ve lived so far! It’s all about serving and guiding others, not me.

This is something I’ve been trying to work on in the mission. Slowly I’ve been realizing the importance of all that I am teaching others. Yeah, I know I’m not a perfect example, and neither is anyone else! The only perfect person to live on this earth died because of us, and this is just the start of how I will begin to pay him back! The world is confused and sad, but those who know the perfect gospel and live it, are not. That is why I’m here: to show others there is another way! But this time, this way is filled with real promises. Those who don’t want to accept this message now, are only ticking time bombs before they realize they are missing something. Even if it’s not in this life, it’s in the life to come when they all have one more opportunity to accept true freedom or just the image of freedom.

Living in Peru has taught me a lot. Like three days ago, I was walking down the street with my companion (shocker….) and some guy saw my hair and skin and ran up to me trying to sell me a watch! You know? Just like in the movies!! Jacket and all! He wanted 80 soles (he was talking all in slang terms but I could understand him perfectly, and all the words, so it does look like I’m getting a lil’ better!) My companion and I talked him down to 20 soles! We played a lil’ tag team, but just the experience was well worth the price! Learn new stuff everyday! I have won yet again!

Elder McPherson