What is up my peeps in the SoCal area??

This is Elder McFLY coming to you live from Arequipa. Peru! Yes, it is confirmed that I turned 20 this week! Which means insurance gets a little cheaper! But right now that doesn’t really matter, due to the fact I’m missing a truck. But hey, later today I’m going to race go karts with my zone because they all want another chance to try and beat the king (that’s me, in case you forgot!)

No, but really, this week was one of a kind! We finished off the week with another daughter of God washing away her sins and being confirmed as a member de la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias. Her name is Julia and I will include a picture of her later on! She is 19 years old and lives in Puno. She doesn’t speak much Spanish, but another language called Quechwa!

Baptism of Julia.

Baptism of Julia.

For my birthday, we had cake four times! One with our penchion, one with our stake president, one with another family, and one in our room with a Twinkie. Overall, a great day with tons of love and support!

It’s tradition here to take a bite out of the cake and have othe people try and shove it in your face. Let’s just put it in two words for ya: they won.


Working hard and trying to stay obedient has really helped us as a companionship! My companion is really the greatest! And he only has 7 months left in his mission! How nuts!


The dreams are really starting to take affect when I’m sleeping! I had a dream last night that my best friend from elementary school and I were missionaries and we got to ride dirtbikes and surf! Right down the street from our house was a little wedge with a Teahupoo swell. The first wave I caught, was also the last wave I caught. I dropped a little late and came up to a huge peak with a ton of speed I aired out of the wave about 20 feet and when I hit the water, we were walking in the street back to our house after a long day of contacting! He had a sick tie with a wave in the background and my truck in the foreground so I did a tie exchange with him! I just had to have it! As for right now I really don’t know what it means or if it meant anything at all, but that was my dream so I thought that I would share it!


On our last P-day, we went to look for shoes for my companion! But since he has huge feet, we didn’t find anything close! We searched for hours! Then after taking a wrong bus we ended up at this random place that had the perfect shoes! What a miracle! Also we got to have salchipapa in the morning for breakfast this week! Salchipapa is cut up hot dog with french fries! That’s what I’m talking about Jack!

Ok, so I know this letter wasn’t full of normal spiritual things, but it has been one heck of a week to write about all that happened!

Hope all is well, and can’t wait for the next week!

Elder McFly