Livin’ the life as a missonary!

Really, it doesn’t get much better than this week! It was filled with so many ups and downs! One of the many ups was that we had a baptism for a kid named Jason! When we first found him, better said when he found us, we were waiting in the rain for a bus to pass. He walked out of the store and after a while, came over to us! He said he had been on and he has sent emails to them asking for the missionaries to come teach him! (Golden!) We taught him every chance we got, and eventually led him to the baptismal font this past Saturday! The Spirit was so strong. Jason is 20 years old! I’m so hoping that he serves a mission as well! Best thought I’ve ever had!


But not all was sunshine and butterflies. We had some set backs too! To start off, the janitors that clean the church building, drained all the water from the font that we had filled the night before… So, then we had to fill it again, but they locked the door to fill it! And don’t ya know, this has to be the one door that no one has the key to open. After trying about 50 keys, it still didn’t open! My companion tried prying and taking off the hinges while I used a ladder to climb through the roof! Once I got up there, I put my belt and my companion’s belt together and it could barely reach the door! After a few minutes, it clicked when I wrapped the belt around it! badabingo! It clicked right open! Then Jason showed up 3 hours late to his own baptism! So, it gave us a scare as well! Baptism is such a simple ordinance, but wow is it something very powerful!


Jason's Baptism

Jason’s Baptism

Oh, also I downloaded p90x and my comp and I have been doing it lately to get those awesome summer suit bodies!!!

Overall one short letter, but one packed week!

Elder McPherson