Is it just me, or has this week really flown by?


Last Prep day I bought a suit! A screaming deal! (I don’t know what its called in English!) terno, pants long sleeved white shirt, and a tie!  For 169 soles! I bought it a little big. When we finished getting everything, I showed my penchion at dinner. Well, he really liked it, and asked to try it on! It’s a grey color with white stripes! (Don’t worry Mom, its conservative….) and when he tried it on, it fit like a charm! So he brought out one of his suits! Now it’s not the prettiest thing, but it’s a grey carpet-like suit that no one else is going to have! It even came with a little vest! So we did a full up trade! My suit for his! I even got to keep my tie, and my white shirt! I also got a tie from him that went with the suit! Yeah, I think I won!


One day this week, we got to teach a lesson to 5 people at once! Each person was at a different level from an atheist, to a less active, to a Jehovah’s Witness. All were different ages too. Trying to teach them that families could be together forever, made it a little more difficult! But it made the responses they had a little bit more interesting as well!


Well this Valentine’s Day I completely drew a blank! I had no idea it was the 14th of February…. We were at our Mission Leader’s home when he walked in the door with a huge stuffed teddy bear, and a box of roses.. And I had no idea why! It wasn’t ‘till the next day that I realized that the day before was Valentine’s Day!! Wow was I a ‘lil slow! This was when an investigator asked what I sent my TRUCK for Valentine’s Day!” she knows me almost too well…


Well finally all the companionships have cell phones! I really thought they were just saying that to get us pumped up as a mission. But it was the truth! We all received cell phones and new numbers! What a cool day! My companion and I thought it would be cool to customize our phone… so we did. We went to one of the car shops around here and asked for some carbon fiber wrap. It seems to be really popular around here! So we cased our phone with carbon fiber wrap and now we can tell everyone that our phone is faster than yours. Because we all know everything gains more speed with stickers!! I also have been working on a cool back with the American flag, so it looks like I will have it finished this week. Just in time for changes (transfers)!


That’s right… this next week we have changes again. It’s nuts! So soon! It’s been a fast 6 weeks! And I’m not sure if I will still be serving here! Because in one week, I will have had 6 months here in Peru Arequipa Cuidad Municipal Zona 3 Manzana D.


The time really does fly, and the work does too! Hope all is well with everyone and that this week is going to be the greatest!


With a lot of Peruvian love, 

Elder McPherson