Yeah this letter will include more information! I will start with two weeks ago!

Well, I didn’t receive a call from the zone leaders, so that means I get to stay in my area, with my same companion! Obviously, I still have something to learn, or someone here to teach! But it’s not all bad! I really love my area! It’s the greatest! A lot of people here have new callings! This week we have pulled out 11 references, and have been working como burros.


So, I’ve been using the dog zapper my Mom sent me, but I have to be careful with it, because sometimes it backfires! Like the other day, I used it on this one dog that was tied to a pole! He got so mad, that he broke the chain and ran after us! I’m telling you, I don’t think that I’ve ever ran so fast in my life! My companion had my back, as he pelted rocks like a shotgun at the crazy thing! Needless to say, I’m a-ok Jack!


My district leader always gives me the class in English! It’s getting harder every week! But I made it up as I went, so I haven’t lost my English completely! It’s so weird trying to speak in English to a group of Spanish missionaries who have no idea what I’m saying! But hey, I teach ‘em all! With this transfer, that we just had, we got three new missionaries: two gringas and one new gringo! They are so cool! Only the gringo speaks Spanish, so it’s nice to speak with someone who understands my Spanglish!


My companion and I have been getting along great! Even in the rain! With my last companion, when it rained, he got mad at everything! But finally, I’m with someone normal, who doesn’t get mad at the littlest things! When it rains here, it’s huge, because they barely get any rain here! I’m living in a desert here, people! So it’s like walking miles in Glamis everyday, and the sand, silt, and dust are getting to be normal for me! But when it rains, it’s like heaven! I can walk for days! The smell is great and all the warm food is the topping on the cake!


Looking sharp in my new suit!

Looking sharp in my new suit!

Well, this week has been one of a kind, and I can’t wait to see what next week brings! Ohh, and I bought some shoes for 6 bucks last p-day! Bright orange!

Go big, or go home!

Read. Expand. Teach.

Elder McPherson