Well, this week was another week filled with adventures! I’m only going to share a few of the stories, so as not to scare my Mom!

The week started off great with a bbq at the stake center of Zamacola in my zone, and than we played futbol, volleyball and basketball! My team kicked butt in all of them! We ate steak with bbq sauce, and some corn! All cooked over some hot coals! What a day it was…


As we were contacting this week in the street, we ran into this runner…. literally! We got to talking, and he has been to church before, but the best part of all was his name! BALTHAZAR! What a sick name! It reminded me of the name from Sorceror’s Apprentice… I thought he might cast a spell on us!


Chillin' with my companion!

Chillin’ with my companion!

Later on this week, we learned what being a missionary here really means! We had to walk from basically one end of our area, to the other end! And we weren’t walking like normal people in the streets! We walked like missionaries! Fast and determined! It took like all day, due to the lessons that we stopped to teach! From an 85 soltero to a family of seven. This whole day was full of walking and listening, rather than talking! This one lady that we were teaching talked about her family for like an hour straight! (Kinda like me and my truck, once you get me going! I just can’t stop!)


The following day, we spent a good part of the day making posters for Elder Flores! Well now, just Johan Flores! He finished his mission, and he lives with the family of our pension! We even got permission to pick him up from the airport with the family! It was a day full of so much excitement! It was like getting a little peek as to how coming home will be! And man has he changed, in the three days since he’s been back! We could see that going from mission life back to normal life, was more difficult than he imagined!


Well, I was starting to get bored with my everyday backpack, so I decided that I would change it up with a lil’ spray paint! I took a picture of the truck and modified it a little! I like the way it came out! What about you guys?? Opinions?

Painted the backpack !

Painted the backpack !


This week before a lesson with a part member family, I said a little personal prayer that our investigator could feel the Spirit, and know it’s the truth that we are teaching… immediately I received a response, as I felt the Spirit for three seconds in the response: The thoughts were not mine, but the Spirit said: “cuando el tiempo es correcto.” When the time is right, basically in English!

I think it was one of the first times that I’ve noticed that I’ve received something that fast! I know it was the Spirit, something that has strengthened my testimony a little more!


This week I got to thinking about my friend Fred McMilon, who passed away from cancer one year ago. He was perfect to push you to your limit, but not over it! He always had good things to say about everything and everyone! Like with the truck, he noticed whenever something changed! Fred is one of a kind, and I hope to be like him someday! Even though he didn’t know about the gospel, he sure followed the example of the Savior. He had the light of Christ! He was always there to help others, even when HE needed it most! I know I will catch up with him again! I’m sure he is riding the dunes of heaven! Fred left behind more than just a name, he left a legacy of service and love.


One of many trips riding over the years with Stephanie and Fred McMilon.

One of many trips riding over the years with Stephanie and Fred McMilon.

Oh yeah, my companion got bitten by a dog, so we had to got to the hospital as well! What a fun week!

Elder McPherson

‘till next week, keep it classy!