The King, Soy el Rey.

The Preparation day that we just had was so much fun! We raced go karts again! And I slayed them all…. again…..! At the end, people started placing bets. We ran for an Inca Kola on the last race!! 500ml a worthy prize! I took her home! One of the other missionaries racing with us, saw how patriotic that I was, and decided to trade me for a sweet American flag tie, for which ever tie I wanted! It’s a cool blue color with about 20 American flags!

The King of the track!

The King of the track!


This week, we had a special zone meeting with the mission president! He talked to us a lot about how consejo is going with the bishop of the ward! Unfortunately, we told him the truth, and he called the bishop and basically chastened him. Then he had a special interview with all of the counsel. One of the things that I learned more from this lesson with the president’s assistants, is why I’m here on my mission. I learned an even deeper proposito (purpose) of why I’m here in the mission field. Why God has sent me personally here, and what I need to do better! Who I need to become! Every minute, of everyday, is filled with opportunities to grow or to get perspective. We learn from our mistakes, but we progress from our success.


This week has been full of service, from pulling sticks out of a hole, to cleaning the church! One sister wanted us to pull all of this wood out of a sinking hole, so that’s what we did. After dealing with all the bugs and spiders, she tried feeding me aceituna (stuffed olives?). If you’re from Peru, you know what I’m talking about (mata gringo) I pocketed them, and trashed them later. The other service involved cleaning all the dust and sand off the sidewalk of the church. We were the only men there to help out ten sisters from the relief society. It was so dusty and sandy, like getting sand blasted by Stephanie or my Dad, out at Glamis. I had sand everywhere!


The time here really feels so short, that I really feel like it’s only been 3 months or so, yet the calendar says otherwise! The time spent here with these families have really made it like home again, from the stories to the jokes! The people are all the same, but the language is the difference.


I hope that everyone receives what they need this week y no estan faltando nada (are missing nothing).

Elder McPherson