This is the semana (week) of the one year on my mission mark! It’s been a crazy ride! And it’s a lil’ hard to believe that it’s halfway over! It’s really flown by! From the MTC, thinking that I would never get out, to the mission field, thinking it’s coming to an end in a year!

The experiences here, are really what makes the mission move quickly! Every moment in the mission is something new or different to remember! It’s not like at home where maybe it was an hour of surfing or off roading out at Holy Jim’s. It is really something different here in the mission. Every single moment is something to be remembered! I feel that this is the reason why everything has been going by so fast….

I’ve been opening up packages that my Mom sent to me for this upcoming General Conference! Slowly but surely, I open each one. They are all so cool, from the little frog chapstick, to the new ties! I’m loving it! Every day brings a new experience! My companion is obviously loving it as well since I share the goodies!

One pre-conference package!

One pre-conference package!

We have been playing the game Signs as a ward, for our mission night activity, as well as cooking cakes, but by far, the Signs game is the best! I’ve keep my signature double tap gun shot! Being able to see some new signs is actually quite interesting! I like some of the new ones that they have come up with like the classic knee tap, to the “I’m too cool for you” shoulder swipe!

Well, it looks like I might be leaving this area in the next week! I will have 7.5 months here, and changes are this next Monday! It’s pretty likely that I will be leaving but that’s how the mission works! To change things up before the changes, we rearranged the furniture in our room! It looks so much better! I invite everyone who reads this to rearrange things in your room if they have been there for a while! It makes a huge difference in how it all feels, and not to mention looks!

Well this week I hit the one year mark, so my companion and I had a little fiesta on the roof to celebrate. Nothing too big, but well worth it!

One year celebration!

One year celebration!

On our last P-day, 4 of us sat around and had a nice, relaxing day! We didn’t really do much, but play some card games! It was so cool and fun! I actually won 2 of the 4 games, so they just called me McLucky! I feel the name is appropriate for all!

Enjoy this week, and you are all in my prayers!

Elder McPherson