My loving brethren and sisters….

No, I can’t quite do it like President Monson can, so I won’t even try to be as spiritual as he was! Wasn’t this conference the best ever?_(Jordan) No, but really, it was really good right?? Well the talks that I paid the most attention to were the ones that involved trucks… Shocker, the one about the semi truck with an electrical fire problem, and a mom jumping out to save her son! The other one, about a man buying a brand new 4×4 truck who got stuck in the woods and then filled it with wood to get the traction necessary to inch forward!

Thinking about that, I have applied it to my life. I’ve been stuck a lot of times in the mud or in the sand, but something that I’ve learned, is that it’s best not to keep digging yourself in. When you’re stuck, you’re stuck! That’s a fact Jack! I’m sure the man in this story didn’t bury himself all the way to the axle, because if he did, I’m sure that he would have had many more problems. He realized that he was in a sticky situation, stopped, got out of the truck, and decided to finish what he went there to do. In that case, he was cutting firewood for his family! That is something that we all need to follow. When we are stuck, and not going anywhere, it’s better to stop what we have been doing wrong, or hiding (digging ourselves in), and do what we came here to do as sons and daughters of God. This means that we have to figure a way out. But all of us, as members of the church know the way out! We know that we have to use the extra load that God has given us, to our advantage! Maybe we have to buy off road tires, or buy a winch to use in times of need. These tools help us to get out of our problems. At other times, we need to accept help from others. This could be the circumstance if the instances are grave. But it’s what we need! It would sure be well worth it to use everything that we do have, rather than just leave your new truck to sit and rust in the tightly packed snow. We need to be ahead of the game, and prepare ourselves, or equip our trucks, and our lives, with everything necessary to get us out of our sticky situations.

Well this story also applies to what happened here this week. This week, we had three earthquakes and many people we not ready for what mother nature had to offer us! It was a great eye opener for many people. We need to be ready for what might happen to us. We need to equip our trucks, and be willing to help those who need a lil’ tug along the way! As members, we share what we know, and it could be the deal breaker for someone buried in the snow!

I know because it’s happed to me. Not just the metaphoric analogy about church, but in real life with my truck! Offroading in many places gave me many opportunities to learn before the mission! Pulling people out of their problems and knowing when to call it quits, try something different, or call for someone else for help. My suggestion for everyone, is to be prepared for what ever might happen. Mentally, physically and spiritually.

Elder McPherson

Nice new ties from Mom!

Nice new ties from Mom!