Ladies and Gents,

This week turned out to be pretty good! We got a new gringo missionary in the same ward here. We share the ward with another set of missionaries. The new missionary is actually normal! Normally it’s a geeky white boy, but this time it’s someone super cool, Elder Beyeler! We get along great. This week we had 185 people at church. It’s been like a new record for us! When I first came here, we were somewhere around 130ish. So for a nine-month streak, the ward is going pretty strong! Not all are baptisms…. a lot are the people who knew it was true, but for some reason or another, left it behind for a little while. They are now here with us again. We have been working with all of the part members’ families in our area.

Doing this, led to one bautismo this week! Her name is (believe it or not) FLABIA. Sweet name right? She is about 12 years old, but every time we ask, she tells us something different! I really don’t think that she knows her actual age! But anyways, we found her this past Tuesday, when we were visiting families, then we set a baptismal date with her for this Saturday! She more or less accepted! She doesn’t talk too much, but she said she believes it’s true! Good enough for me! We had help from her aunt, who is a member, and pretty strong!

Working with all the members, means that we have to teach their friends in constructive ways! This week, I taught a member’s friend how to ollie on a skateboard. Then I showed him how to spin a 180. I finished it off with a heelflip over a 2 foot step down! He thought it was so cool, so he is now listening to us whenever we find him at the park practicing! Ohhh yeah, a new circus came into town, and they had a special on their trampoline, so all 4 of us missionaries got on, and enjoyed 10 minutes of stress relieving jumping, and throwing blown up balls at one another! It made for a great week!


Peruvian street art.

Peruvian street art.

The Lord works miracles, we just have to recognize them!

Elder McPherson