Well, I now have 13 months in the mission and I’m pluggin’ right along!

This week has been really great! We started off this preparation day by playing soccer with like 3 different zones! I hate playing because I’m white, and the leg coordination thing just doesn’t work too well for me! But while playing, I met a Sister Flora from Laguna Niguel! I discovered that her real name is Kelsey Flora, and I guess she is related to Bishop Flora’s family! Very happy, and looks just like Shelby and Cecily! A piano major, I think!


This week has been pretty eventful! From giving a puppy a new home, to fighting with another drunk in the street! Oh yeah, and not to mention, we had another baptism yesterday! Just trying to fill the water in the font was ridiculous! I had to lower myself into this 2 foot by 2 foot closet after climbing on the roof of the church, because someone decided to lock a door without giving us the key to open it! All this just to fill the font! But needless to say, she got baptized, and she is really a great girl! Her name is Yasmin, and both of her parents were inactive, so first we reactivated the dad, and then we worked on teaching the daughter. I really wanted the father to baptize his daughter because she is nine, and he is a returned missionary! But his wife told him no! Let’s just say we know who wears the pants in their relationship! I guess that here, it’s also the mindset of Cathlicos, that who ever baptizes you becomes your step dad (godfather?)! Well I’m not ready to be a dad, but I figured salvation is more important and that we are Mormons so….


Yasmin's family at her baptism.

Yasmin’s family at her baptism.

With this said, we finished out the week pretty well! I will include some more info during the week due to a shortness of time today!

Hope all is well in SoCal!

Elder McPherson