This week has been full of experiences! Last week, I bought a terabyte hard drive. So that now means that I have 1000 gigs, and right now 250 are already filled up with pictures and stuff! It’s so cool to have all that space in something that is so compact!


The day after that, we got to help a family put a roof on a house! It was a concrete roof on a decent sized home! It was hard and strenuous work, but well worth it! We shoveled the rock and dirt ‘till we had blisters. Carrying the buckets was so hard! The sun just roasted us, even with our sunscreen.

We have changes today (transfers), but I’m still saying here. So I will have 10 1/2 months here in Ciudad Municipal, Zamacola! I’m still companion with Elder Marin from Chile. For that reason, I am still here!

This week, my companion, me, and the two other elders in our ward had emergency interviews with the mission president! Obviously our minds were running back to think if we had done anything wrong! But it wasn’t anything like that. El Presidente just wanted to know what was happening in the zone because our leaders had called and explained who were the people causing the most problems with opinions and what not… us…. shocking! It wasn’t just back in school, it’s also here in the mission that I get told that I’m part of the problem.

El Presidente just wanted to see both sides, and how we can better improve the zone. So instead of sugar coating the interview this time (like every time until now), I talked with him straight up! He also called us in to figure out what to do with our changes. He didn’t know whether it was just his thinking, or revelation, so he wanted to figure out what we wanted to do, and he would take it into consideration!

It’s better now to think that the president wants to hear every side of a story! The mission is great! Every day is a new experience; from the talent show last week, to everyone now wanting to learn how to yoyo!


Yo Yo tricks!

Yo Yo tricks?!


Elder McPherson