Morning to all of you!

Service, service and more service! Those 3 words basically describe how this week went! Almost every day involved something! From putting concrete on a wall of bricks, to cleaning out a front lawn full of dirt! The cool part about it is that I got a free hat and a free shirt! This super bright yellow shirt and floppy hat like we had back in scouts!

Rio Chili and the volcano Misti.

Rio Chili and the volcano Misti.

This week I got the package that Mom sent me, and yay!! It had my tie that I’ve wanted for so long! Everything made it safe, except the peach rings! It’s like a bomb exploded in it and then melted everything! The commandment book is perfect as well! Actually just this week I’ve used it 3 times in our lessons! The commandments are, for me, at least, a visual thing! Learning them makes them so much easier! Thanks to my Mom, I remember all of them, even in order!

This week I had divisions (splits) with the zone leaders! It was good, but it’s always a little weird when it isn’t your companion! I mean think about it, I spend every single second of the day with him, and then to have someone different to work with throws everything for a wrench! But all is good now, my companion is back, and the ward is still moving along great!

That commandment books really makes teaching kids so much easier!

Thanks for all the love and support, I will talk to you all next week!


Elder McPherson