So, this week was really good! It involved going to a river with two of our less actives. In the area of the other elders in our ward, there is this place called Yura! Basically the only green place here in this desert! There was this little river that flowed by! I’ve been here before, but way farther up the river where the waterfall is! Being here was so much fun! It took us like an hour and half in a bus, and we were so exhausted when we got back home!

Green in Yura!

Green in Yura!

Just seeing the green would have been so worth it! I will include a picture or two but for the most part, I have the pictures on another flash drive, so next week I will send those!

Let’s see what else happened this week? Ohh yeah, we played soccer with the ward, and I actually got two of the goals! Everyone was like “Crazy White Boy!” The ward is great when it comes to soccer activities! Everyone comes out! But when it comes to other things, like baptisms, they are all to busy! hmmmm? interesting!

My companion also made me a sling shot for defense from all of the dogs here! We have been practicing all week for the right opportunity to use them and we finally got to use them last night! We had to cross this valley at night, and it’s a little sketchy! Then all of the sudden, three black dogs came barking and nipping at our ankles… Needless to say, we took care of all of them! They won’t ever mess with us again! I’m pretty sure they learned their lesson!

Other than that, all is good here and the work is progressing!

Ohh, and I bought the Dinosurs dvd from like the 80’s and it’s fantastic! I actually incorporated it into our noche misional activity, and everyone loved it! No la mama, No la mama! Hahaha!

Love you all!

Elder McPherson