‘sup ya’ll!?

This week was full of so many things. I literally can’t put them all into one email!

First of all, Mundial (World Cup) started this week! I think I’ve seen all the games! Soccer is actually better to watch than I thought! It’s like watching the Superbowl in the states, but for like two weeks! Seriously, like all the stores are shut down and there are flags out on all of their houses! Everyone has on a jersey of some sort, and they are all repping their favorite teams! They’re all futbol crazy here!

Part of this week as well was the birthday of my penchion! So we had the entire family here in the house two times this week! It’s been kinda chaotic, but yet so much fun with more than just the same voices in the house! Our penchion changed up the arrangement of furniture in the house as well so now we have a huge living room right next to our room! We’ve all been chillin’ in there because of Mundial and the flat screen tv that they placed in there! So for my penchion’s birthday, I really wanted to do something for her. She basically is my mom here, and has been for the last 11 months of my mission! Cooking all my food, and washing all my clothes, and helping me through hard times, and has been there for whatever reason good or bad. I decided to do something that I’ve seen my Dad do in the past, but in Spanish this time. It’s a card with candy all in a note but with all the Spanish candy that I could think of! It took me like all of Friday to do, and I finally finished it at like 9:00 at night! All the time was worth it, she started to cry as we walked into the room. Something so simple, but so heartfelt can change a person’s day! (Oh yeah, I’ve only seen her cry once in my 11 months here!) After we took pictures with it, she came up to my companion and I, and gave us both huge hugs! Definitely one of the best days in my mission!

Happy birthday card for my penchion.

Happy birthday card for my penchion.

My dad, whether or not he knew it, has been an example for me. Like I was able to pull the idea from my past, watching my Dad make cards for so many other people, and giving his time to better their day! Thank you for everything Dad! Happy Father’s Day to every one of my fathers! All those men who have played some sort of fatherly role in my life!

This past Sunday, I decided that I would use my clip on tie that I bought a few weeks ago and I set it on the chair. When I got to church, I realized it was still on my chair. In the room! I walked into church without my tie, and it took a while for me to realize what everyone was looking at! Not to worry, I found a tie! I love you all!

Elder McPherson

Be real, take chances!