This week was pretty whacky! Everything from breaking a skateboard to setting up two baptismal dates!

This week during a soccer game that the ward was having, our team was in between games, when a young man came up and asked me if I could skate. I told him yeah, and so he should let me ride his skateboard. It was really a piece of junk, but he seemed impressed with it, so I went along with it! He showed me a cool move, and then I showed him one. We skated for a little while, and then for one last move I tried a simple Ollie and split the board in two right over the rear truck. Well that sucks! Now I’m contemplating if he gave it to me to break knowing it was broken, or if I actually broke it…. He would be one of the kids to do that! But anyways, he told me it would be 15 soles to buy it off his buddy so that didn’t bother me at all! I still haven’t paid him, but the next time I see him, I’m sure he won’t let me forget!

Yesterday was a pretty big day in our household because of the World Cup soccer game going on! We watched all of it, after having lunch with the family. We had rocoto relleno! Honestly one of the best foods from here! It is always a little scary because one of the six are usually really, really spicy, and you never know which one it is! Anyways, we watched the game and screamed during the goals! It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to share with my family here now!


Still American!

Still American!

Right after the game, I went on mini divisions (splits) and we set two baptismal dates for the end of this week! So it was pretty good. They felt the Spirit and all!

I hope to see them baptized and to see them finish!

Hope all is well!

Elder McPherson