Update for this week!

Well you all heard I had a change and what not! Now, like I said before, I’m in Peru, IIo. It’s a small town located on the beach. My area is located on a bluff, so I can see the beach every minute that we are walking on the street! It’s amazing the difference from being at altitude, to being back at sea level. The air really does make a difference. It’s a lot more humid as well here, but I seem to be sweating less! It’s so cold some nights because it’s winter down here. I have to use gloves, a beanie, and a windbreaker jacket type thing! I’m wrapped up like a mix between an eskimo and a mummy. But the nametag that I wear does help identify me a little.

Dressing warm for winter!

Dressing warm for winter!

It’s almost always overcast, with the marine layer just hanging over us, but hey, that means the sun doesn’t get us as bad! I think that the whole week I’ve been here we’ve had sun a total of 3 hours. The foto I included is one of those sunny moments.

Overlooking the city of Ilo and the Pacific Ocean.

Overlooking the city of ILO and the Pacific Ocean.

Our penchion is great, but a health addict, which is probably a good thing for me. I figured that I would take a picture of one of the rarest things I’ve eaten with her, but surprisingly, it was delicioso! Or it could have been because we were finishing our fast……(with a tortilla, it would have been unbeatable)



This whole week we have been focusing on making the gospel fun. Not only for us, but for the less actives and the families in our ward. We only plan like a 45 minute family home evening, and then we show a movie for 22 minutes or so. It is cool to watch Dinosaurs with families with kids. After that, we share a scripture or two. From there, we play a game that relates to what specific subject we’re teaching. In n out, and we are finished. Every single family invited us over again because it was just so much fun! I hope to get this branch to become a ward by the time I’m gone!

I feel like the gospel, as we portray, is the same thing as many other churches: repentance, baptism, and the sacrament. Obviously we have the authority to do all these ordinances so that makes us different. Oh yeah, and the fact that it’s all true. But I still feel like if it’s true, why don’t we have the numbers or hit the goals we plan for every week?…… Why aren’t people flocking to us to get baptized, or why don’t they want to go to church…. I will tell you why I think all this happens: It’s because we are so focused on the seriousness. Life is fun, so if you want people to join, or become active again in the gospel, then that too has to be fun. I see other local churches with tons of people. Why? Because they make it fun! When it’s time to be serious, it’s time to be serious, but when it comes to activities, lessons, or teaching, it needs to be fun! I will tell you the reason why our mission nights went from 3 to 30 people (in five nights) is because we made it fun. (Fun, fun, fun! I keep saying it, but I’m trying to stress a point.) Instead of begging people to go, or forcing them, make it worth their while, and they will enjoy themselves, and that will make them want to come back to the next event or activity.


The work is fun, if we make it that way. Oh yeah, last week, I saw a killer swell. It was like 10 feet, perfect rights, and spitting out of the tube. Trunked me outta my mind! Waahhhappp off the lip!

Elder McPherson