First of all, happy birthday Braden! I know tomorrow is a big day for ya! “I am 16, going on 17 da dada da……….” (Sound of Music). Wow that was definitely a quote my Mom would have shared… I wish you the best B-day wishes, except for my truck… that one is still off limits, and will be forever.

Well, this week was pretty weird! It started off with P-day, and eating some tacos for lunch. It was so nice to finally get some Mexican food. After that, we played some football and some futbol! It was cool to play a mix of both! It’s nice because a lot of missionaries were playing! The zone is huge, with 18 people in our zone, so everyone could play something, with at least two teams! However, playing soccer this week, I busted my shoes! I put a pretty decent hole in the side of them! But hey, for 15 months they have held up great!

This week it got a little warmer but not to bad! (It is winter here.) The surf swell was high again on Thursday. We make time during the day to stop out at the bluff to watch the waves if they are decent. Depending on how good they are, the longer we stay.

This week our penchion went out of town! So we were in charge of getting our own food. We found this lady in the street selling hamburgers, so I got mine with sausage and shredded chicken! Tasted American enough to me! I scarfed it down, and decided to get another one. During the nighttime, we made cookies for dinner! I’m glad that I have somebody who knows how to cook for me! Last week I sent a picture of some lemon bars that I made! Almost up there with Jen Passey’s, but she always wins in the treat department!

Lemon Bars?

Lemon Bars?

We had a noche missional this week and we got 18 people there! I showed an episode from the TV series, Dinosaurs. They all thought it was so funny! We then related the game and the message to the gospel afterwards. It ended up being a real spiritual experience!

I guess that the branch here, well since I’ve been here, has had more attendees every Sunday than the wards! (A congregation usually starts as a small branch, then as attendance grow, it becomes a ward later.) We pull in like 40 more people than the actual wards do!

Overall, another great week!

Elder McPherson

PS I will send some pics next week.